Materials Testing


ALLWEST maintains a very experienced and knowledgeable group of testing professionals for heavy highway, transportation, and airport work. The transportation department at ALLWEST has been acknowledged by NAPA for quality in construction and recognized excellence in hot-mix asphalt pavement for two projects in Idaho.

ALLWEST has the same approach to each project and that is why we only send out experienced testing professionals for the services needed. ALLWEST is involved in maintaining quality through continuous education and training, double checking of test results and expedited reporting to alert clients of discrepancies and help ensure product conformance to the owner. ALLWEST maintains the ability in providing mobile test facilities for those remote and isolated projects in hopes of keeping projects on task and moving forward.

ALLWEST has listed below some of the testing services we can provide.


Mix Designs
Strength Testing (cubes, cores and beams)
Quality Control and Quality Assurance


Superpave Mix Designs
Density Testing
Anti-Strip Detection
Asphalt Content using Ignition Oven and Chemical Extraction
Quality Control and Quality Assurance


Source Evaluation Testing for Idaho and Washington Department of Transportations and Federal Highway Administration
Specific Gravity and Absorption
Sulfate Soundness
L.A. Abrasion
And much more!

"If it's not an ALLWEST superpave mix design, it's your asphalt."