Construction Monitoring, Testing and Certification Services

When work is performed within a public right-of-way or development work is performed on private property, it is often necessary to provide the governmental jurisdiction with inspection documentation and as-built drawings. Our specially trained technicians provide not only construction materials testing, but also construction observation and documentation for work from initial site grading through utility installation and roadway surfacing. When required, ALLWEST can provide construction certification on residential developments and commercial developments which include public frontage work. We also provide certification and Record Drawings for utilities such as water and sanitary sewer.

We provide as-built data collection services using total station equipment as well as GPS Virtual Reference Station technology which results in timely and economical Record Drawing preparation. Working with AutoCAD files provided by the design engineering firm, we produce certified Record Drawings in-house without the added expense of returning red-lines drawings to the design engineer for drafting. This results in a timelier acceptance of the construction project.

ALLWEST is knowledgeable in bonding requirements for residential developments and works with our clients to reduce these requirements as construction proceeds.